Blad Web Design

It doesn't have to be difficult...
Confused by the hype and complexity when all you want is a stylish, straightforward web presence or online shop? If you know your business and the image you would like to project on the internet, we can give you a fully functioning online store in a very short amount of time, without the fuss.

We don't use tools that lock you into expensive proprietary technology, and we also offer web development that allows you to maintain and fully manage your website. By taking out two of the most frustrating and expensive aspects of managing a web-presence we can offer a level of cost-effectiveness you're not likely to find elsewhere.

...and we make websites for business, not the other way round.
With our highly-developed commercial skills, we make sure all decisions about your website reflect your business goals and objectives. No websites for the sake of it here!

But, it's not for everyone.
It's impossible to be all things to all people, so we can't meet everyone's needs. What this means in practice is:

  • We work on referral, and only for people who are serious about making an online presence work for their business
  • We prefer that our clients have developed their visual branding in conjunction with a professional graphic designer
  • Most of our clients already have an existing, but basic website and are seeking to grow their business through the use of online business process automation - there are cheaper options for people who want to start out with a basic website (eg. Wix) or are running a business more as a 'hobby'.

The next step...
If you're interested in utilising an online site or store to improve your business, like the look-and-feel of our reference sites, and have been referred from one of our clients, please get in touch by sending an email and we'll contact you to discuss your needs in detail.

We don't develop 'just a couple of pages' websites, though we are always happy to discuss your need with you, with no obligation. We're also serious about the requirement for you to have your branding done professionally. We work best with clients who understand and value the work of a professional graphics design provider. We take a commercial focus to developing websites, so we work best with clients who have an existing business and wish to grow that business through the use of more sophisticated software (eg. Magento), or improve their SEO rankings through a top-to-bottom content management approach.